Englander high quality auger motor pillows for 2 auger pellet stoves - 1 Inch x 3-3/8 Inches x 1/8 Inches

High grade auger motor pillows for Englander double auger pellet stoves. When the OEM thin rope gasket cushions get dirty and sticky and fall apart just clean that them off for good and install these high temperature silicone auger motor pillows that are wider, last longer and provide more cushion and support to keep the augers motors working well and not get banged! Your augers motors will thank-you ! !

It is recommended to coat the pillow and auger stop plate with silicone when installing the pillows to fasten them down securely. These pillows are very important because without them, the plate will bang a hole in the auger gearbox in a few years!

Will fit the following Englander 2 Auger Stove Models

25-PDVC,55-TRP10,55-SHP10 & 25-PDV, 25-PDVE, 55-TRP22,55-SHP22

Pic 1 - Set of 2 upgraded high temp silicone auger pillows

Pic 2 - Add high temp silicone

Pic 3 - Set in place under auger motors and allow to dry.

Pic 4 - Throw out old rope gasket strips

 Click here to order a tube of high temperature RTV to easily install this gasket