Hot Shot - Stove Top Convection Blower 75 CFM for Wood & Pellet Stoves with warm tops - Model SB1

Universal Stove Blower for wood stoves and pellet stoves with hot tops such as the Harman P-Series.

Just assemble the directional hood with heat exchanger with 2 nuts and bolts and slide to desired length and direction. This unit has a tangential blower that captures radiated heat and blows it into the room. This can warm the room up to 5 times faster! Also gives flexibility in directing the heat to where you want it!

Last picture shows heat being directed up the staircase!

The Hot Shot Universal Stove Blower model SB1captures and distributes radiant heat from your stove that is otherwise wasted. The Hot Shot silently pushes room air between the "Heat Capture Chute" and the stove top, warming it along the way and then propelling it into the room. Use the Directional Chute attachment and turning vanes to direct the warmed air left or right up to 45 degrees or straight to extend Heat Capture Chute. Entire rooms can be warmed fast and uniformly. Easy plug in electrical, installs without tools in minutes on most stoves.

Whisper quiet operation

  • Low sone cross flow blower (1.15 sones) makes it 50% quieter other stove blower fan designs

Easy to install

  • Clips to stove's heat shield

  • Turn on or off with pre-wired toggle switch

  • Removable hood attachment to fit step-top stoves

Blends with any decor

  • Commercial grade, high temperature jet black finish

  • Low profile design rests flush with short or long top stoves