Auger Test Kit- AC Cord-2 female clips & Jumper-2 male clips

Auger Test Kit1
Auger Test Kit 2 with voltage tester

Test Kit to determine whether the pellet stove auger is bad. If the auger isn't turning, it could mean that there is an auger jam, the auger motor is bad, the vacuum switch is bad, or the high limit switch is bad or even a bad control panel. This kit helps determine which part is causing the problem. To find out whether the motor is bad, hook it up to the test cord. To test the switches attach the jumper cord.

This kit works for most pellet stoves with an auger motor with 2 male clips on the motor.

Add the Pen style voltage tester to check if the control panel is sending the voltage to the auger for only $9.95 more with batteries!
See picture - Non Contact AC voltage detecter

Fits the following stoves with OEM auger motors, if you have a newer auger motor then check your connectors on your auger motor(s)

Bosca- Spirit
Earth Stove
England Stove Works- Englander / Summers Heat / Timber Ridge
Enviro- Enviro / Regency / Vistaflame
Home and Hearth Technologies- Harman / Pelpro
Hudson River- Saranac / West Point / Chatham / Davenport
Pleasant Hearth
Pacific Energy- Warmland
Stove Builders International - Osburn / Enerzone
Travis- Avalon / Lopi
US Stove / Vogalzang / Ashley
Whitfield / Lennox
Wolfe Steel- Napoleon / Timberwolfe