Leaf Blower Adapter for 4" Pellet Pipe/Selkirk DT Exhast Vent - 4inchCorPolyPVC

Makes cleaning your pellet stove much easier! Use with your leaf blower and vacuum attachment. Connect this adapter to your 4" Pellet Pipe/Selkirk DT for a tight fit.

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Easy as 1-2-3 to install
1. Remove Selkirk DT termination Cap
2. Insert White PVC end into inner Selkirk Flue pipe
3. Insert Leaf Blower Vacuum attachment pipe end into other end & tighten clamp!
Easy to use
1. Crack open pellet stove fire door to allow clean air to travel through stove and ash chambers for cleaning. Remove ash trap covers if they exist.
2. Install Leaf Blower with adapter into flue by removing the flue termination cap
3. Turn on leaf blower, rev up and set lock on. Have your helper hold this and assure ash is blowing out safely.
4. Brush inside of fire box and use a compressor to clear ash above heat exchanger tubes while ash is being safely blown outside!
4" Leaf Blower Adapter
"pellet stove leaf blower adapter"