6 Inch Country Flame High Quality Exhaust / Combustion Blower & molex connector - PP-353

Country Flame High quality quieter open frame Exhaust/Combustion Blower PP353 with 6" mounting hub, white white gasket and exhaust housing with with upgraded Large 11 petal 4.5" impeller blade with backplate. This bolts on stove and venting must be reattached using original exhaust flange.
The impellers are larger for better low drafting to prevent caked ash in fire pot and start up failures.
Motor is 3,000 RPMs and a whopping 2.1 Amps for easier startup and longer life
Comes with Large 11 petal 4.5" impeller blade
Looking down at the blower in the stove, the blower turns Clockwise unlike most all other exhaust blowers. This blower must be used for these stoves to get the proper airflow for the stove to work properly.

Fits the following Country Flame pellet stove models:

Country Flame Cross Fire - C

Country Flame Cross Fire - P

Little Rascal - LR-01

Harvester - HR-01