Asian Slate Hearth- Ceramic Tile Pad (Board) Pellet Stoves (Ships So. NH/No. MA)

Fireproof Asian Slate ceramic tile hearth features an earthy neutral mix of brown and dark gray. The edge of the board is colonial style, which is beveled, curved edges. This hearth board meets the National Fire Institute (NFI) safety standards. Our selection of hearths allow you to choose a color and style that suits your home decor. This Asian Slate hearth pad comes in 4 sizes: 32 x 32, 36 x 36, 40 x 40, and 48 x 48. And two styles: Wall and Corner. Choose from the drop down menu above. Note: Hearth pads can only be shipped locally to Southern NH and Northern MA. Thanks for your understanding. 


AP 20NE NH Asian Slate Wall Stoveboard
AP 205NE Asian Slate Corner Stoveboard


 AP 310NE Asian Slate Wall Stoveboard
 AP311NE Asian Slate Corner Stoveboard


 AP 314NE Asian Slate Wall Stoveboard
 AP 315NE Asian Slate Corner Stoveboard


AP 312NE  Asian Slate Wall Stoveboard
AP 313NE  Asian Slate Corner Stoveboard