Breckwell Analog Circuit Board Update Kit to new Digital Control Panel - A-E-057 Put Stove Serial # in order notes for correct RPM control panel

 This upgrade kit is for upgrading the older analog control panels to the current 1-RPM digital control panel. This upgrade kit includes either the A-E-401 - 1 RPM digital control panel or the A-E-301 - 4 RPM Control Panel, a new wiring harness C-E-UH1000 , installation directions, and operating and troubleshooting guide for the new control panel. The opening for the control panel on the stove will have to be enlarged to accommodate the new control panel. A template showing the size that the opening must be enlarged to is also included.

In the order notes please type in your Pellet Stove Model and Serial # for the correct kit!

See pics of new digital control panel and old analog control panel to right.

Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation and power surges. Always unplug your stove before installing.

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Pellet Stove Surge Protector