DHC Control PanePelpro/GlowBoy - 12 pin rectangular molex connector - KS-5040-1101 #HHTKS-5040-1101#

This new PelPro Pellet Stove DHC digital control board (panel) KS-5040-1o91 works for PelPro/Glowboy - Dansons Pellet Stove models 2010 and later that use the DHC digital control board with 12 pin molex connector on the bottom back side of control panel. Includes Glow Boy membranes for faceplate but also fits Pelpro DHC panel stoves with Pelpro membranes on their faceplates.

Note: Most stoves take an Accutron IV. Some stoves take a DHC control board. Please consult your owners manual before ordering.

The panel now says Glow Boy and is Thermostat Ready on the front of the control panel. It only replaces PelPro and Glow Boy digital panels with the 12 pin rectangular moles connector on the bottom back side. This panel also has the 2 T-Stat modes for Hi/Lo or On/Off like most DHC panels with the Manual mode in the 3 position vertical slide switch. There are 2 screw terminals on the back for the 2 conductor T-Stat wires.

Auto-Hi/Low - for the cold winter days when the T-Stat does not call for heat. The stove remains on the low heat setting to prevent pipes from freezing.

Auto-On/Off - for the spring and fall so when the T-Stat does not call for heat. The stove will shut down to save heating on those warm days.

Additional specs on back of circuit board.

CCI 43036
120 VAC - Pellet Stove