Deluxe Freeze Alarm fire alarm and flood alert that calls your cell phone when your home is in danger!

Freeze Alarm and Flood Alert package that will call you if your house is too cold, too hot or has too much water!

This package includes a Belkin Surge Protector, Battery(s) and Phone Line Splitter to connect into your phen system.


The Deluxe FreezeAlarm has the following features:

  • Automatically calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature gets out of range, the power goes out or if the back-up battery requires replacing.
  • Quick Status CheckTM feature allows you to remotely monitor the current temperature, power and back-up battery status with a simple, 15 second phone call.
  • Monitors both a high and low temperature set point at the same time making this model perfect for monitoring a deep freezer, walk-in cooler, floral cooler, green house or garage.
  • Phone controlled thermostat to pre-heat or cool your home, cottage or cabin with a phone call.
  • Bundled with our WaterSiren (WS-04) which will call you if water is detected.

WS-04 WaterAlarm sounds an alarm and an auxiliary alarm contact output! The WaterSiren Plus is affordable solution to alerting you quickly of water leaks and it can close (or open) an alarm contact which can trigger an alarm system or a telephone dialer such as our Deluxe FreezeAlarm.

The WaterSiren features:

  • 90 decibel alarm when water is detected.
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed Alarm Contact Output that closes (or opens) when water is detected.
  • Low battery alarm chirps to remind you to change the battery.
  • 6' (1.8m) sensor wire allows sensor to be placed in hard to reach areas.
  • Unit can sound for up to 36 hours on a fresh 9V battery.
  • Put sensor directly on floor or mount siren on wall and extend sensor to area where you are worried about water.
  • High impact plastic makes this unit durable for years of reliable use.
Bundle Items include:FAD-2 Deluxe FreezeAlarm (by Control Products)WaterSiren (WS-01)Belkin Surge Protector9 V Lithium BatteryPhone Line Splitter