Englander CU-CB05 Control Panel & Circuit Board 10-cdv/ 49-TRC22/ 49-shc22- MODEL/ MFG DATE/ PHONE REQUIRED

This Digital System Control Panel & Circuit Board Board PU-CB04 for newer Englander pellet stoves is used for adjusting the heat level to make it a higher or lower setting. For Englander 10-cdv/ 49-TRC22/ 49-shc22. It is also used to adjust the intensity of the room fan. If you want to heat a large house or large room, adjusting the heat and room fan to higher setting helps direct the heat throughout the space. If you want to heat a smaller house or a single room, lowering the fan or heat settings limits the heat to that area and conserves energy. This is also where the on and off buttons are located on the pellet stove. 

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To program control board & process the order, the following is required. Please provide under "Add a note to your order" at checkout:

  • Stove's model (Example: 25-PDV)
  • Manufacturing date
  • Serial (Example: 003578) #
  • Phone #

These can be found on a metal plate on the back of your stove.

For an Englander control panel for stoves manufactured before 2004, see the link below:

Englander Control Panel PU-CB98

For 25-EP, 55-SHPEP, 55-SHPEPL, 55-TRPEP models see below:

Englander Control Panel PU-CBEP