Exhaust Blower- Pelpro/ Glow Boy/ Cheap Charlie (Combustion/Draft)- Replaces KS-5020-1040 - 02b OEM Low Limit Snap Disc 1 male (white) & 1 female clip

This upgraded Fasco combustion fan / exhaust  (draft) blower fits Pelpro and Glow Boy pellet stoves. Replaces part # KS-5020-1040. Blower comes with quick change housing for easy future motor changes and with Pelpro OEM "open on rise" surface mount SNAP DISC also motor wires have spade connections for easy connections. Replaces A.O. Smith squirrel cage exhaust blower.

See approximate hole distances
Pic 3 - 3-1/2"
Pic 4 - 7"
Pic 5 - 5"
Pic 6 - 3-3/8"
Pic 7 - 4"

Comes with both housing and blower motor white gaskets

  • Home Heater
  • Home Heater 120 (HHPP2BD)
  • Home Heater 300 (HHPP32BD)
  • Shop Heater
  • Shop Heater 120
  • Shop Heater 300
  • FBG Step Top
  • FGB Bay View
  • IGB Bay View
  • Classic Insert
  • Standard Freestanding PP60
  • Standard Freestanding FPP2BD
  • Step Top FPPST4BD
  • Bay Window Freestanding FPPBW2GD
  • Bay Window Insert IPPBW2GD
  • Shepard Bay
  • Chinook
  • CC Edison Jr.(HCJ)
  • CC Edison Sr. (HCS)
  • CC Franklin300 (HCF 300)
  • CC Franklin120 (HCF 120)
  • Also fits many Vulacan Wood Pellet Stoves

The exhaust blower blows ash up the venting and draws outside air into the firebox and across the heat exchange. It is also known as a centrifugal blower.

The maximum dimensions are 8" wide and 8" high. Replaces KS5020-1040
Specifications: Fasc 70581261, J238-150, 60Hz, 115v, 99FLA, 3,000 RPW.


The wire connections needed are one male spade clip and one female spade clip that will plug into the existing wire harness, or just splice the wires in with a wire connector.


Instructions to Install Pelpro Upgraded Exhaust Blower

1. Remove old blower - See last pic

  1a. Disconnect 2 Low Limit snap disc wires – See Blue arrows

  1b. Remove 2 screws from snap disc and remove snap disc (If snap disc is still good you may save it as a spare part.)

   1c. Disconnect 2 Blower Motor Wires. -- See light Green Arrows.

   1d. Remove 4 or 5 exhaust housing bolts. – See Yellow Arrows

   1e. Remove exhaust blower with housing and scrape off old white gasket.

2. Optional - swap OEM exhaust flange onto new blower housing. (Cosmetic only)

  2a. Using a utility knife, cut any silicone off around the exhaust flange.

  2b. Remove screws in flange and remove exhaust flange from old blower housing.

  2c. Clean off all silicone from inside of exhaust flange with wire brush and knife.

  2d. Remove screws in flange and remove exhaust flange from new blower housing.

  2e. Install original exhaust flange on new housing using high temperature clear or orange RTV. 

3. Install new exhaust exhaust blower.

  3a. Install new exhaust blower and housing using 4 or 5 nuts with new white high temp gasket. – See Yellow arrows

4. Snap disc should be installed already, if not do the following:

  4a. Install snap disc using 2 screws.

5. Connect wires to new exhaust blower and snap disc.

   5a. Connect 2 Low Limit snap disc wires usually blue and white. (Colors may vary) – See Blue arrows

   5b. Connect 2 Blower Motor Wires usually white and black. (Colors may vary) -- See light Green Arrows.