Replacement Convection Blower (Room Air) for Magnum Baby Country Side: Extended Life - 442 Eng with 2 female clips

Replacement Convection Blower for Magnum Baby Countryside RP2040. Draws the room air in through the back of the stove into the heat exchanger and out the front. This creates the warm air that heats the house.

The original Magnum Convection (Room) blower is 230 CFM and does not have a motor cooling fan.

This extended life Convection Blower replacement for the RP-2040 is 140 CFM. It has a built in motor cooling fan, which keeps it from getting hot unlike the OEM Room Blower. It does not push out as much air so the air is warmer. The stove can be run on a lower heat setting thus saving pellets.

RP 2040 fits Models: MagnuM Baby Countryside FS - Does not fit insert models that use clamp on blower flange.