Pellet Stove AC Line Test Cord. Check Blowers & Auger Motor & Igniter

Pellet Stove Line Cord for testing pellet stove electrical parts. Easily test convection blowers, exhaust blower motors, and auger motors. Can also be used to test the igniter. This cord is available with 2 female quick disconnect clips for most auger motors and blowers. The test cord is also available with 2 male clips or one male and one female clip for St Croix, Breckwell and Pelpro stoves. Also 2 male & 2 female clips for most all stoves.

Please select the Pellet Stove AC line test cord using the drop down box above "Add to Cart" botton up top.

The cord with 2 female clips can be used with the Quadrafire Auger motor test plug adapter. Click here to order or see description & pictures of the test plug adapter.

 Test cord shown in each configuration. See pics below.

New improved better quality with insulated clips for maximum safety and endurance!

These cords are 6' long and use heavy 18 guage wire with 2 polarized prongs for most AC wall receptacles.

 Note: Use with caution, and unplug stove from the wall outlet before use. We are not responsible for any misuse.