Pellet Stove Insert Fireplace Fresh Air Intake Upgrade Kit- total comfort - O.C.

Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert fresh air intake upgrade kit for total comfort. Free Shipping.

Eliminates drafts in your house. Draws fresh air into the liner instead.

Insert Fresh Air Package contains:

2-Ply Aluminum long lasting 35 foot fresh air liner, rain cap, 13"x13 inch Top Plate, mortar sleeve if needed.

Note1: Existing Top Plate and this Top Plate must be trimmed with metal sheers to fit chimney flue and sealed with high temp silicone - See Picture 2

Note2: To keep warm room air from escaping up the chimney, Fire Proof Rock Wool Insulation such as Roxul brand is recommended to be installed on the damper shelf around both liners for total comfort.

Note 3: Assure flue cap is higher than fresh air cap as shown in picture 2 for proper operation.