Pellet Stove Insert Fireplace Liner Package w/ fresh air intake- total comfort O.C.

Use the drop down box above to choose a Liner Package that comes with a 3" or 4" Cleanout T to fit your pellet stove flue.

Fireplace Chimney Liner Package for pellet stove inserts.  The kit's fresh air intake will provide total comfort eliminating drafts by providing fresh air to the pellet insert intake pipe.

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This package contains:

Flue Venting - Exhausts smoke safely without causing deterioration to your chimney.

    • Forever lasting titanium 316 type steel 30 foot 4 inch diameter liner, rain cap with screen & wind guard (Wind Guard not shown in final install: picture 3), 13"x13" 4" Quick Flat Top Plate, and Cleanout Tee with Cap.

      Fresh Air Intake - Eliminates drafts in your house. Draws fresh air into the intake liner instead.

        • 2-Ply long lasting aluminum 35 foot 3 inch diameter fresh air liner, rain cap, 13"x13 inch top plate, and mortar sleeve if needed.

        Flue Cap is higher than Fresh Air cap so hot exhaust gasses do not get sucked into the fresh air intake.

        Note1: Top Plates must be trimmed with metal sheers to fit chimney flue and sealed with high temp silicone - See Picture 3

        Note2: To keep warm room air from escaping up the chimney, Fire Proof Rock Wool Insulation such as Roxul brand is recommended (not included) to be installed on the damper shelf around both liners for total comfort.

        For new installations in your fireplace, this Pellet Stove Insert Comfort Package makes it warm and cozy.