Pelpro/Glowboy- Stainless Steel Firebrick Retainer - Pellet Stoves - KS-5050-1140 #HHTKS-5050-1140#

Stainless Steel Firebrick retainer for Pelpro / Glowboy pellet stoves. Part # KS-5050-1140. OEM Part.

If the old panel is warped from the heat and the firebrick does not fit properly, then this will solve the problem.

This mounts inside the fire box to the back wall with 2 screws. It has the flange above the burn pot to hold the firebrick panel against the back wall. This panel also covers the access to the two ash traps that require periodic maintenance cleaning.

Fits the following Pel Pro pellet stoves:

  • Bayview FS
  • Bayview Insert
  • FPP2BD
  • HHPP32BD
  • HHPP32BD

Fits the following Glow Boy pellet stoves:

  • CCGB1
  • CCGB2
  • HGBH1 Home Heater
  • HGBH3 Home Heater 300
  • HGB1 Shop Heater
  • HGB3 Shop Heater 300
  • FBG Step Top
  • FGB Bay View
  • IGB Bay View
  • Classic Insert