Whitfield Renaissance & Erin Waterford Upgraded Convection Room Air Blower - PP7300

Convection Room Air Blower for Whitfield Renaissance & Erin Waterford. This blower blows the heat into the room and turns on when the stove warms above 120 Degrees. Replaces Whitfield Lennox Part # 12146109

Upgraded Steel squirrel cage lasts longer than the OEM plastic squirrel cage.

 Fits the following
Whitfield Renaissance WW1 Serial # 1001-3607 Wood Pellet Stoves

Speed Range 3000 - 1500 RPM

Air Flow 150 CFM Free Air 105 CFM @ 0.6 inches WC

Current 1.25 Amp

Pellet Stoves WW1A with Serial # 3608 and greater use a Hall effect convection blower with RPM feedback Whitfield part #13046109. According to Whitfield this convection blower with the hall effect is no longer available.