Silicone Gasket Convection (Room) Blower 4-3/4 inches x 4-3/4 inches Magnum Hole Pattern

Custom cut silicone 1/8" thick gasket for pellet stove convection (room) blowers, Outside Ash Chamber (Side Ash Trap), or Auger Backing Plate. Temperature rated at 1,000 Degrees F. This thicker pellet stove gasket upgrade absorbs vibration for smooth running and is re-usable. Color you receive may be black or orange/red, but the material is identical. Not for areas near stove exhaust (the combustion blower). You must use a white high temp Gasket in those areas. See the left menu to find a white high temp gasket for your stove.

Fits the following pellet stove convection blowers:
  • Magnum Baby Countryside (Convection Blower MF3541)
  • Countryside 3500 (Convection Blower MF3541)