SmartFan Original 206 CFM - Stove Fan with Twin Fan for Self-Cooling (for Wood Burning Stoves or Pellet Stoves with warm tops)

The SmartFan is a self-powered, clean, silent and efficient device that greatly improves heat circulation from your stove.

How It Works
The device is powered by a thermoelectric generation module (TEG) which uses the hot surface of the stove to generate an electric current to propel two fan blades. Heat, instead of rising immediately to the ceiling, is propelled directly into the living space and provides an increased level of comfort and greater fuel efficiency.

Story Of Superior Design
The SmartFan device works on a simple principle; the hotter the bottom and the colder the top, the more electricity is generated. However, the SmartFan engineers discovered, as the stove heats up so does the device, thus reducing the temperature differential (and electrical energy to power the fan) and the fan slowed. In order to counteract this effect, and what makes the SmartFan unique, the device was redesigned with a secondary fan at the rear - this axial fan keeps the device cool allowing the SmartFan to continuously maximise output and propel hot air into the living space. By utilising this fan on the top section and by incorporating an aerodynamically designed front fan blade, the SmartFan can move significantly more air than other fans.

Assembled With Care
The SmartFan has been designed using the latest engineering simulation, modelling and design techniques to maximise its efficiency.