WiFi Water Probe & Temp & Humidity Monitor La Crosse Alerts™ Full Set D111.102.E1.WGB $109.95

Save Money - Prevent property damage caused by extreme temperature & humidity levels. 
The La Crosse Alerts™ Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitor helps you improve response time to minimize repair costs.*

Wet Temperature ProbeIncludes a wet temperature probe to monitor water or soil temperature. Use the wet temperature probe to measure water temperature in a hot tub, aquarium, terrarium or other wet or high humid environments.*

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts - La Crosse Alerts monitors your property & sends you early warning text & e-mail alerts if temperature or humidity levels exceed your pre-set range.*

Easy to Use - There's no software or mobile app. needed: View your sensor data anytime by logging into your own lacrossealerts.comaccount with your smartphone, tablet or computer.