I am getting error code 3 POF Breckwell 5520

Dec 16, 2018 - 11:27 AM

  • I am getting error code 3 POF Breckwell 5520. I have replaced the POF Thermodisc already.
    I believe the control board may be the problem.
    Is there a component on the board that may have failed.
    Thank you

  • It a part fails, Usually a new POF Thermodisc on the Exhaust Blower will fix this problem. The error is a timeout error if no heat from a fire is sensed after approx 15 mins of pressing the start button. So if there was not enough air such as the stove being very dirty or the damper rod is completely closed or not enough heat such as the Igniter not working those items would also cause the error. Also check for an Auger jamb or bad auger motor. Ultimately if all the previous items are working then the Control Panel is suspect and should be changed.
    Breckwell 5520 Golden Eagle Control Panel can be ordered here.

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