Vogelzang 5770

Mar 3, 2019 - 7:40 AM

  • I'm having a e2 code come up. I've have replaced the motherboard both limit switches ,exhaust fan and the vacuum switch. Still a e2 .I'm lost here and going broke as well. Does anyone know if the room fan is supposed to turn on when the stove starts ? Any help would be a huge help?!!

  • Hello
    The room fan does not come on right away. It comes on after the stove warms up about 15-20 minutes after the stove power button is turned on.
    If the exhaust blower does not come on right away, that will cause this error!
    So check the wiring diagram to assure all the wires are connected properly and the E2 Chart.
    See E2 Troubleshooting Chart Below and Wire Diagram. Right click on image below and click view Image



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  • Would check ur pof switch right on the exhaust blower two screws pop it off clean it then try agin

  • You can bench test the POF snap disc with a BBQ lighter and ohm meter.
    After heating up the snap disc you should heat it click and then settle down to approx zero ohms or short circuit if it reads 03 ohms or higher, it may not trigger the control board properly to put the stove in run mode and the auger will stop turning and the fire will die out.

    You can also use dielectric grease on the wire connections and thermal paste on the flange with the screw holds. Clean and remove any gasket material or paint that will hinder the heat transfer from the exhaust housing to the snap disc,



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  • Here's a link to my blog that explains testing the Proof of Fire Switch in more detail step by step:

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