2009 Harman Accentra 6 blink

Jan 19, 2022 - 8:52 AM

  • Stove runs for an hour, then shuts down with 6 blinks, I’ve gone through the manual and checked everything that is says will cause this code. Has a new red temp probe, the yellow muffler is clear, the fines have been removed from both locations, pressure switch is working, flu is clear, outside air pipe is clear and flapper is not stuck, room sensor is working, door gasket and hopper gasket both look ok, combustion blower is new and fan is clean. when it’s running it runs well, good flame, good heat just won’t stay running. Any ideas? Also can’t seem to find anything on adjusting the door tighter on this model

  • If all that looks good, then I suspect the circuit board,
    There is no door adjustment

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