Control Panel Pelpro/GlowBoy- Accutron IV Upgrade for II, III- KS-5040-1101

This new PelPro Pellet Stove Accutron IV digital control board (panel) KS-5040-1101 works for all PelPro/Glowboy - Dansons Pellet Stove models that use a digital control board.

The panel now says Accutron IV and Thermostat Ready on the front of the control panel. It most commonly replaces all PelPro and Glow Boy digital panels including Accutron II and III. This panel also has the T-Stat (thermostat) transformer built-in (See yellow arrow) along with two screw terminals (See red arrow) for connecting to the T-Stat. It also has the 2 T-Stat modes of operation:

Auto-Hi/Low - for the cold winter days when the T-Stat does not call for heat. The stove remains on the low heat setting to prevent pipes from freezing.

Auto-On/Off - for the spring and fall so when the T-Stat does not call for heat. The stove will shut down to save heating on those warm days.

Additional specs on back of circuit board.
Latest control board by infitec inc
Syracuse NY
Rev CD0048-V     1247 3A
120 VAC - Pellet stove Control