December 08, 2019

Cooking Amber beer Brats on a new GMG prime DBSSWF pellet grill 250 Deg F for a 3 hour smoke or just grilling chicken with the meat probe!

The new Green Mountain Wood Pellet Prime Grills are on the cutting edge of technology at an unbeatable price! These pellet grills  have great quality parts that last a long time and replacing them are not only very easy but very inexpensive too! Click here too see all the GMG Grill Parts 

I truly believe in what we sell and would not be selling these units unless I thoroughly tested one first. So here is my experience with the new Prime Stainless Steel Daniel Boone model!

This Daniel Boone model has a temp range of 150 to 550 Deg F. The new Prime direct drive motors keep the set temp plus or minus only 2-3 degrees!
We used apple wood pellets to smoke the Bratwurst in a disposable aluminum pan with butter, onions, brown sugar and Sam Summer Ale.
I flipped the brats after 1.5 hours for even cooking.
Another suggestion is to just put them on the grill for an hour being careful not to puncture them.
I hear Lamb Brats are really good too!

The WiFi phone app that shows the temp with the built in timers for the 3 hours made it easy to track.
I like the view window instead of opening the hood. The new direct drive dc motors keep the temperature you set it at plus or minus 3 degrees. Being DC with all the starting and stopping of the auger motor and fan they will definitely last longer and there is no AC surges to kill the triacs on the control panel!
Also the smart phone app can go into server mode to check on the stove temps if you have to run an errand. Due to FCC regulations you cannot start and stop the stove on server mode for safety. That is fine since I like to set it up and watch it go thru the automatic 0,1,2,3 start cycle to make sure it is cooking.

GMG tech support is # 1 not only with operating and technical questions but with help on any of their wonderful recipes in the manual! They were even open on the July 4th holiday too! GMG is the best for the money!

Pic 1 - Basic Recipe

Pic 2,3 & 4 - grill control panel & app shows temp and time

Pic 5 & 6 - Bratwurst prep.

Pic 7 & 8 - Pellet grill smoking

Pic 9 - peeking through the stainless hood window

Pic 10 - Beer Brats are done!

 We just did regular grilling of Chicken Thighs, and Beef Ribs at 400 Degs and with the timer to time each side for flipping and using the meat probe to check the inside food temperature it is so easy to make sure the food is properly cooked!
The grease tray liner and grease bucket liner makes for easy cleanup too!

Pic 1 - chicken thighs with meat probe

Pic 2 - Phone app shows inside meat temp.


August 12, 2018

Recommended Way to Fill Your Fire Table with American FireGlass

Here is the best way to fill your fire table with FireGlass to preserve your gas burner and keep the larger glass stones from chipping and breaking.

1. Clean your table. Clear out all the lava rock and vacuum and clean any debris.

2. Using 1/4 inch glass stones for the base, pour them into a cheese cloth or rag to filter out the snow or chaff so you do not clog the burner, then fill the fire table to just over the top of your gas burner. The smaller glass stones have less air pockets so the gas does not flame up near the burner and make it burn out prematurely. The gas will percolate up and ignite on top of the 1/4" glass, giving the flames the effect of floating.
3. Add larger, more colorful FireGlass stones (1/2" or 1") for the desired visual effect. I like to mix and match colors.
I used clear 1/4 inch glass stones underneath to top the gas burner, then I covered it with 1" stones of clear zircon and ruby red luster zircon. I like to use the clear 1/4" Fireglass for the base or filler glass as it reminds me of the ice used in fish markets to display the fish. Whatever is on top really pops. See photo:
FireGlass not only adds beauty but also protects your gas burner to keep it looking good and burning well for a long time to come.