I have always been interested in how things work and creating my own new and improved custom systems. I upgrade my own computers by replacing video cards and motherboards. I wired my own sound system and much of the wiring in my house. I received my electrical engineering degree from UMASS Lowell and have spent much of my career as a Sr. software engineer, Adv application developer, and building media servers and web servers including ones for my own home. I’m a hands-on kind of guy and I can’t get enough learning about technology.


Before 2009, I was mostly depending on fossil fuels to heat my home. I took on the task of insulating my own home, which lowered our oil use, but I knew I could make our heating system even better. Pellet stoves are not advertised on TV or as widely used as oil. It wasn’t until my neighbor got one that I heard of pellet stoves. The price of oil gets higher every year and I didn’t want to depend on it anymore. My neighbor showed me how his stove worked and I was impressed with what a serious heating appliance it was! It can heat the entire house. I bought my own and discovered it kept my house warmer than the oil did without even turning it up very high.


I began to refurbish stoves for people. With some research, I figured out which parts were needed to make older stoves work like new. My wife, daughter, and son were impressed when I explained how the stoves and parts work. They told me I should go into business. Pellet stoves can make people homes more cozy and heating more affordable. More people should know about them, so my mission is to bring pellet stoves and parts to you and make finding what you need a breeze.


With my family’s support, I launched Pellet Stove Master for stove services such as cleaning and repair and East Coast Hearth for parts and stove sales. Please visit www.pelletstovemaster.com if you live in the Merrimack Valley, Southern NH, NH Seacoast, or Massachusetts area if you need your stove serviced. At East Coast Hearth, we ship parts across the United States as well as internationally. We sell stoves and parts for brands such as England Stove Works, Hudson River, Breckwell, Magnum, Pelpro, Ardisam, Warmland, Town and Country, Kozy, Lennox, and Piazetta, Harman, Archgaurd, Whitfield, U.S. Stove, Vistaflame, GlowBoy, St. Croix, Quadrafire, and Travis. We are always adding more.


We carry all of the parts you need. Some examples are venting systems, auger motors, augers, convection/room blowers, exhaust/combustion/draft blowers, igniters, control boards/panels, and more. There are too many to simply list here. We also carry accessories such as paint, surge protectors, and thermostats. If there is a part you can’t find, please contact us by clicking the link here or on the top menu of the screen. Our priority is serving you. Thank you for considering East Coast Hearth for all your pellet stoves and parts.



Don Russell

East Coast Hearth