Auger Motor- Ardisam Castle/Serenity YN-70-15-8-01 - 720107

The auger motor (YN-70-15-8-01) for Ardisam Castle HPS09 HPS10, HPS10IC, and Serenity wood pellet stove. OEM replacement. It turns the auger, which transfers the pellets from the hopper to the burn pot. It feeds the fire and keeps the flame going. The auger motor must be replaced if it slows down or skips under a load (gears are stripped in the gear box when turning the auger.) In older stove models the auger may stop when the stove gets hot. This may mean the auger motor needs replacing. Please consult a professional in your area to determine that this is the issue.

Important Note:
The bracket must be removed from the old auger motor so it can be used with the new one. The replacement auger motor does not come with a bracket. See photo in right.


Linix AC Auger Motor Part # YN-70-15-8-01
115v 9w 3uf/250v
50Hz 650r/min 0.46a

60Hz 750r/min 0.55a