Kozy Heat Woodland (WLD-P) Vacuum Switch- Metal- Replaces 404-6

Replacement Vacuum/Air Pressure Switch for Kozy Heat Woodland (WLD-P) pellet stoves. Non OEM. Replaces part # 404-6. Note: The mounting may differ for the switch that comes with your stove. You may have to drill new holes to mount this vacuum switch. Negative pressure hookup.

      Pressure adjustment range from 0.12 to 5.0 WC should be set to approx .15 for most pellet stoves.

      The vacuum  switch is a safety switch that shuts the pellet stove down if the combustion (Exhaust) blower fails. If your pellet stove starts up then stops feeding pellets after the start cycle is over, then the vacuum switch is bad or the vacuum line is clogged with ash.  Also, if the auger motor does not turn you may have a bad vacuum switch.

      Check the mounting of your old switch. This is direct fit for Pelpro and Breckwell pellet stoves. It will work on all other models with mounting adjustments.

      Most newer stoves use the open terminal and common terminal for the electrical connectors and negative vacuum port. This means the exhaust fan is after the burn pot and connects to the venting and the switch is open until the negative pressure is applied.

      Negative Pressure Hookup

      Clip wires to farthest terminals from knob. Connect hose to low port. For the following pellet stoves.

      • Magnum & Country Flame
      • U.S. Stove
      • Pelpro/Glowboy
      • Englander
      • Breckwell
      • Napoleon
      • Enviro
      • Piazetta
      • Archguard
      • Quadrafire
      • Kozy
      • St Croix
      • Osburn/Enerzone
      • Lopi/ Avalon

      Positive Pressure Hookup

      Clip wires to outer terminals. Connect hose to Hi port. For the following pellet stoves.

      • Whitfield