St. Croix Prescott Steel Firebrick- 80p54322 (2003 & Earlier)- Analog- Serial 7950 & BELOW

St. Croix Prescott Firebrick. Part # 80p54322. For models 2003 and earlier with serial 7950 and BELOW. This firebrick is for Prescott models 2003 and before with an Analog Control Board with knobs you turn. The analog control board is mounted in the right side panel of the stove.

Firebrick Dimensions

Center is 12-3/8” high & 14-1/2” wide

Sides are 12-3/8” high & 6-1/4” wide. 

This is the upgraded Steel Firebrick which will last a long long time.

IMPORTANT: If your Prescott model has an Analog Control Board but the serial is ABOVE 7950. You need a different firebrick. Click link below.

St. Croix Prescott Firebrick 2003 & Earlier with Serial Above 7950

If your Prescott model was made in 2004 or after, it has a digital board with buttons and also takes a different Firebrick. Click link below.

St. Croix Prescott Firebrick 2004 & Later

This is a special order item. Please contact us for details.