Exhaust Blower 80602 (Combustion) U.S. Stove 5660 VG5770 VG5790 - Fasco with 2 male lugs #USS80602#

U.S. Stove exhaust blower 80602 for US Stove 5660 , Vogelzang VG5770 , VG5790 and King pellet stoves. Blows pellet ash up the venting and draws outside air into the firebox and across the heat exchange. It is also known as a combustion blower, centrifugal blower, or draft blower.

This blower and housing comes with the 6" round gasket for a quick change, but does not come with the blower housing gasket. If you need the blower housing gasket, you may order it here. US Stove Combustion Blower Housing Gasket / replaces US Stove part # 88166

If you want the quick change blower motor without the housing click the ling below
US Stove 5660 Quick change upgraded blower motor with large impeller blades


U.S. Stove Fasco Exhaust Blower Specs

70581711 38-11A, J238-112-, 115V., 60 Hz 1.35A, T.   P.L    CL.