Through-The-Roof Vertical Termination Kit 4DT VPVK

Through-The-Roof Vertical Termination Kit 4DT VPVK Venting Kit Includes:

One 3" Pipe Connector, 3VP-PC

One 3" to 4" Increaser, 3VP-14
One 4" Tee with Cap, 4VP-TS
One Pellet Stove Adapter, 4DT-VPSAL
One Ceiling Support, 4DT-CS
One Trim Plate, 4DT-TP
One Roof Flashing, 4DT-AF6
One Storm Collar, 4DT-SC
One Pellet Stove Termination Adapter, 4DT-VPTA
One Vertical Cap, 4VP-VC
3 feet of 3" Aluminum Flex Pipe
One Hose Clamp

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We offer the most extensive kits available. This highly advanced Direct-Temp pellet stove venting is designed for safety and performance. These kits include all components needed to install the venting except straight piping. This piping is neccessary to install the venting and can be purchased here at East Coast Hearth. To purchase piping visit this link:

Direct Temp Straight Pellet Stove Venting Piping

When measuring for how much straight pipe is needed include the height of the following: Cleanout Tee and Burn air output adapter are 8.5" inches in height from the center of the stove flange.

Pellet stove venting connects to the outside of your home to release the exhaust fumes so that ash smoke doesn't build up inside the pellet stove. We offer three types venting Up & Out, Straight Out, and Through- the-Roof. Support brackets and vacuum cleanout may also be needed. If you need help choosing the right kit for you or have questions about your venting installation please contact us for professional advice.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us for a quote and parts list for a complete system to fit your install. 
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