Englander OEM Block Bearing - PU-UCF204-12- 31320

Auger Bearing (block bearing) for pellet units. 3/4" bore. Price listed is for one piece (two pieces are needed for each stove, one per auger).

On back order. Please contact for details.

If you have the block bearings (sometimes green in color) with No grease channel that causes more pellet auger jams, then upgrading to the new blue color block bearings will work much better! See pic ------>

The following is required for processing, please provide under "Add a note to your order" at checkout:

  • Stove's model (Example: 25-PDV)
  • Manufacturing date
  • Phone #

These can be found on a metal plate on the back of your stove.

Fits the following Englander models:

  • 25-PDVC / 55-SHP10 / 55-SHP10L / 55TRP10
  • 25-PDV / 25-PDVE / 25-PDVP / 55-SHP15 / 55-SHP22 / 55-SHP22L / 55-TRP15 / 55-TRP22 / US 25-5670
  • 25-PI / 55-SHP20 / 55-TRP20
  • 25-PAF/ 55-SHP25/ 55-TRP25
  • 25-PFS/ 25-PFSP