Enviro green light EF2 / EF3/ EF4/ EF5/ Solus - EF-041- 115v

Enviro EF2 / EF3/ EF4/ EF5 Green light for control panel. Part # EF-041. 115v. For stoves made in Nov. 1995 and newer.

  • EF2 (Nov. 1995 and newer)
  • EF3 (Nov. 1995 and newer)
  • EF4 (Nov. 1995 and newer)
  • EF5 - Evolution (Nov. 1995 and newer)
  • Solus - (Nov. 1995 and newer) 

Note: On the EF2, if this green light does not light up after startup then check the Low Limit snap disc next to the exhaust blower. If the contacts in this snap disc do not close when the stove heats up then the green light will not come on. Replacing this low limit snap disc will fix the problem in this case.

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