Enviro Lower Auger Endplate Nylatron Bearing- Replaces EF-026- PP4010 (Pre 2008)

Auger end plate for Enviro pellet stoves. Includes upgraded nylatron style bearing/bushing. Also comes with a bearing gasket. For stoves made before 2008.

The nylatron bearing keeps the auger motor running much longer than the OEM brass bearing that comes with the stove.

When upgrading the brass bearing, the nylatron bearing and nylatron endplate must be used together.

Note: Before installing this endplate on the pellet stove, check for good fit by placing auger into the nylatron bearing and endplate. Be sure you can turn the auger freely by hand. If not and the bearing is too tight then sand down the inside of the bearing with emery cloth available at your local hardware store.

Will fit these model Enviro pellet stoves:

  • EF2 (made before 2008)
  • EF3 (made before 2008)
  • Meridian (made before 2008)

Replaces Enviro part # EF-026