Enviro MAXX/Omega & Vistaflame Exhaust/Combustion Blower Motor- Replaces 50-1901- For 7" Hub- PP7611- Back Ordered

Exhaust/Combustion Blower Motor for Enviro MAXX/Omega & Vistaflame pellet stoves. “QUICK CHANGE” Style with gasket. Replaces part # 50-1901. Non OEM.

ONLY fits stove models that have the 7" Large Plate Quick Change style hub with a 5.6” impeller. Heavy Duty - 1.6 Amp “QUICK CHANGE” Style with 500° Silicone Gasket. CW Rotation. Ball Bearings.

Fits the following Enviro stoves:

  • Maxx
  • Maxx-A
  • Maxx-B
  • Maxx-1
  • Omega
  • Omega-A
Fits the following Vista Flame stoves:
  • VF-170
  • VF-170-B