Erin Waterford Circuit Board Repair Service

Erin Waterford Circuit board repair service with 1 year warranty.

You may purchase this service either on this web site (Click Add to Cart) or by phone. Then we will send a prepaid USPS mailing label to send your control board to the satellite repair center for repair.

  By default we will email the prepaid USPS mailing label to your email address provided to print on your computer's printer. If you need the prepaid mailing label mailed in an envelope in the regular USPS mail then please type "Mail in Envelope" in the order note field or tell us during the phone order.

Note: Due to the mailing label expiration date, the board must be mailed out within 3 days after you place your order.

If the board is not repairable then we will refund $125.00  There is a $50 testing and analysis fee and we will recycle your old board.

If the board is good and no repairs are needed, we will return your circuit board and refund $100.00  There is a 75.00 fee for testing and analysis plus $15.95 return shipping.

Turnaround time is approx 1-2 Weeks

To speed up processing of the board repair, include a description of the problem and any blinking lights in the order note field or tell us when you call for the phone order.

Whitfield Models:

Advantage , Advantage II-T , Advantage Plus

Profile 20 , Profile 30


Lennox Whitfield Control Panel shown