GMG Kit to Update GMG P-1101 23 inch Auger for Jim Bowie Choice Grills from Cotter Pin Style to New T Pin Style- Auger & Auger Motor & Bushing - P-1118 P-1119 P1138

This Auger Kit will update your 110 VAC Jim Bowie Choice 23" cotter pin style auger with hole in the base of the shaft (P-1101) to the new 110 vac T-Pin style auger (P-1118). The new style T-Pin auger is easier to remove and replace compared to the old cotter pin style for cleaning and maintenance of your grill. This auger kit replaces the P-1101 cotter pin auger which is currently unavailable. This kit comes with a new auger motor and bushing, which are needed for the new T-Pin auger to fit.

This kit contains the following 3 parts:

1. Long 23" Auger for Jim Bowie Choice Green Mountain Grill- New T Pin Style- P-1118

2. T-Pin Style Auger Motor- P-1119

3. Bushing Plate with locking pin for T-Pin Style Auger- P-1138

You can also buy these parts individually by clicking the link below.

Click here link to order the updated auger  for T-Pin Style

Click here link to order the updated auger motor for T-Pin Style auger

Click here link to order the updated auger bushing plate for T-Pin Style auger 

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Short Auger is 18"

Long Auger is 23"

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