GMG 12v Auger replacement Kit to replace 18 inch Auger Asy for 12vdc Daniel Boone & Ledge Pellet Grills with T Pin Style - Auger & Auger Motor & Bushing Plate - P-1113 P-1201 P1138 - Backordered

GMG T-Pin Style Auger, 12 VDC Auger Motor and Auger Bushing Plate

This kit contains the following 3 parts:

1. Short 18" Auger for Daniel Boone Classic Green Mountain Grill- New T Pin Style P-1113

2. T-Pin Style 12v Auger Motor- P-1201

3. Bushing Plate with locking pin for T-Pin Style Auger P-1138

You can also buy these parts individually by clicking the link below.

Click here link to order the replacement auger  for T-Pin Style

Click here link to order the replacement auger motor for T-Pin Style auger

Click here link to order the replacement auger bushing plate for T-Pin Style auger 

If you are not sure of which auger bit you require then please send us the following information.

Please check tag on back side lower right and put the following info into the Order Note in the shopping cart checkout page:

Manufacture Date

Serial and Model

Measure the length of your auger in your Pellet Grill.

Short Auger is 18"

Long Auger is 23"

Tell us which one it is.