GMG 2 Pc Stainless Steel Grease Drip Tray- Daniel Boone Grill- P-1064

Green Mountain Grills Optional 2 Piece Stainless Steel Grease Drip Tray for Daniel Boone grills. Part # P1064. This can be set for open flame so the holes are open to the fire by placing the bottom tray with the holes toward the left side. This provides more heat for searing meat without using up as much pellets. This pan can also be set for closed flame convection heat with the bottom tray holes facing toward the right of the stove. This provides convection heat for cooking fish without burning.

Note: For open flame and easy cleanup, cover the top with aluminum foil then poke holes through the foil to the open flame holes! grease with still run down into the grease bucket and pull out foil for easy cleanup.