Ignitor Element (Cartridge)- Pelpro/Glowboy- KS-5030-1061- 300 Watt 5 in #GRA4NJG4#

Compatible with all Pelpro/Glowboy/Cheap Charlie pellet stove years and models. Recommended to purchase this separate element for stoves that need a new ignitor but have the housing intact.

 This 5" long ignitor does not have the original special 2 pin inline plug that may become brittle from the heat and break when unplugging. Instead this ignitor comes with 2 male and 2 female insulated quick disconnect connectors that you can squeeze on yourself. All you have to do is cut away the black jacket wrapped around the red and white ignitor wires and cut them and strip them, then crimp on these connectors. It does not matter which wire is which. If you leave the Pelpro/GlowBoy connector on, you can replace it with either ignitor again in the future. Always unplug the unit before opening the back.

  • Home Heater
  • Home Heater 120 (HHPP2BD)
  • Home Heater 300 (HHPP32BD)
  • Shop Heater
  • Shop Heater 120
  • Shop Heater 300
  • FBG Step Top
  • FGB Bay View
  • IGB Bay View
  • Classic Insert
  • Standard Freestanding PP60
  • Standard Freestanding FPP2BD
  • Step Top FPPST4BD
  • Bay Window Freestanding FPPBW2GD
  • Bay Window Insert IPPBW2GD
  • Shepard Bay
  • Chinook
  • CC Edison Jr.(HCJ)
  • CC Edison Sr. (HCS)
  • CC Franklin300 (HCF 300)
  • CC Franklin120 (HCF 120)

To remove the old ignitor cartridge, just remove the housing bolt and loosen the set screws that hold the cartridge in the center of the housing tube.

Note 3: The ignitor elements without housing can be used to replace ignitors in newer stoves if you only need to replace the element. The ignitors that come with housing are compatible with new stoves if you need to replace the housing also. Housing is necessary if you need an ignitor for older stoves that do not come with an ignitor. You can also check the mounting tab in the picture to match it with the ignitor housing you have.

Note4: The ignitor must be aligned by looking at it from the front of the stove
The ignitor must be in the center of the tube and recessed approx. 1/4" from the front edge of the tube.