Jamestown J1000 & J2000 Refurbished Digital Control Panel - Part # 07HFH

Jamestown J1000 and J2000 Digital Control Panel

J1000 & J2000 control Board - Part # 07HFH
Manufacturing date 2009 and up, starting serial #20452 (5 amp fuse)

Note: This control panel by default is set for the Jamestown J1000 34k BTU stove with the 2 tabs an the gray jumper block facing up towards the top of the control panel which connects pins 2-3 together. To set the control panel for the J2000 42k BTU stove, remove the gray jumper block and turn it upside down so the 2 tabs face down toward the bottom of the control panel which connects pins 3-4 together. See pic 3 & 4 default setup for J1000


A. ON/OFF: Turns the circuit control board ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. It is also used to ‘reset’ the board after switching to Diagnostic mode. The ON/OFF LED light will be red for the first 15 minutes of operation during the ignition stage. After successful startup, the LED will turn green for normal operation. When power is stopped, the LED will turn yellow.

B. MANUAL AUGER: This button can be used to manually auger fuel into the firepot. This function is normally used after filling an empty hopper.

C. AUGER TRIM: Adjusts factory set fuel feed rates on levels 2-4. The trim setting is indicated by the Heat Level LEDs. The LED that is not illuminated indicates that setting. LED 2 (not illuminated) indicates LOW LED 4 (not illuminated) indicates HIGH To adjust: Hold Trim button while simultaneously pushing Heat Level ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ buttons