Kozi Exhaust / Combustion Impeller Blade 4.5 inch 11 petal - PP7906 - No Backing Plate

Replacement Exhaust/Combustion Impellor Blade for Kozi pellet stoves. Non OEM. Compatible with Exhuast Blower FAN12003. The only difference between this replacement and the OEM impeller blade is that the OEM blade has a backing plate. Without the backing plate, there is less ash build up under and around the exhaust blower.  There are 11 petals that are 1.25” high. They fit most exhaust housings. Diameter is 4.5” and fits standard 1/8” motor shaft.

Fits the following Kozi pellet stoves:

  • KSH120
  • KSH120DX
  • 100 FS & Insert
  • BayWin FS & Insert
  • Previa