Newer Low Limit Snap Disc 120 Deg - 1/2 in diameter surface mount auto reset Open on Rise for Pelpro/GlowBoy exhaust blower SE-L120

SE-L120 - 1/2" diameter air stream mount "Open on Rise" auto reset for upgraded exhaust blower for Pelpro/Glow Boy/Cheap Charlie pellet stoves. Part # KS-5100-1340

For units with Manufacturing Dates 2013 and later. Can be used in older model by drilling one new hole

This part mounts to the exhaust blower housing.

OEM replacement made by Selco for the following models:

  • PP60
  • PP130

New snap disc for upgraded exhaust blower. These switches are used to shut off room blowers only when the stove has completely cooled so all the warm air leaves the stove. It also keeps the auger going when the stove has warmed up (proof of fire). If there is no proof of fire the stove shuts down for safety.