Magic Heat Wood Stove Flue Heat Reclaimer for Wood Stoves

The Magic Heat Reclaimer is a simple device with remarkable results. Reclaim the heat escaping up your chimney flue and heat your house faster and cheaper!  This heat reclaimer is so efficient it easily paid for itself before the first winter was even over.  In the video, the person was using over 4 cords of wood but after installing Magic Heat, now only uses less than 3 cords!  He used to be unable to heat a few far away rooms in his house, but now he has to open the windows sometimes because it is too hot! The Magic Heat Reclaimer may be the best bang for the buck you have ever gotten out of a piece of equipment.  If you are considering getting one of these heat saving units you need to keep reading because there are a few secrets and tips we want to share with you.

 You can see the unit in action and how effective it really is.  The person in the video lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and during the winter it is sometimes -20 C. His wood stove and magic heat unit are enough to heat his drafty 2000 square foot main floor on the coldest of days – but this would not be even remotely possible with just the wood stove alone!

See explanation in the video about the crimp on the bottom VS crimp on the top. The bottom does not leak.


 This metal box is a heat exchanger. It captures and extracts the heat from your very hot flue gas before it escapes out the top of your chimney, never to return.  It is easily installed between 12 and 24 inches above the top of your heating stove and models are available to fit a 6, 7, or 8  inch flue pipe on a wood, coal, oil, or gas stove/furnace.

The image you see above is the complete Magic Heat Reclaimer.  Envision this metal box inserted directly into your existing single wall flue pipe.  As the hot flue gas travels upwards through this box it heats ten horizontal stainless steel heat exchanging tubes that travel through the whole container. The ten holes in the image above are the front ends of these tubes…you can actually look through the box via these tubes. So, as the flue gas travels up it makes these pipes very hot, continues to travel upwards and back into your existing piping and eventually out the top of your chimney.

Once the flue gas has reaches 150 degrees Farenheit a thermostatically automated fan turns on at the rear of the unit. This fan forces room air through the ten pipes. By the time this air gets blown out the front of the unit it is unbelievably hot. This air can be so hot it can be unpleasant to hold your hand directly infront of the holes!

That’s it. The Magic Heat Reclaimer is, in essence, a beautifully simple contraption. It’s the most efficient heat exchanger we have ever seen for a household heating stove, bar none.  This is the simple explanation but there is much more to learn.