Masonary Chimney Trimplate black - 4VP-TP Chimney top seal

Metalbest 244502 Black VP 4" Type L Pellet Pipe Trim Plate


The trim plate is installed where the vent system penetrates the wall in through-the-wall installations. It serves to finish the edge around the opening and seal it. It is painted black for a decorative finish.

The VP Collection features proven coupling joint connects in seconds to assure joint integrity, gasketed joint design, painted pipe lengths available for interior use. The rolled-over male end eliminates sharp edges, and internal spacing bead assures uniform insulating air space between pipe walls. VP pellet pipe works for pellet or corn burning stoves approved for use with PL-Vent. The appliance's flue gases must not exceed 570°F and the pipe is UL Listed to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441 and UL 641.