Napoleon\Timberwolfe FS 6 in High Quality Exhaust/Combustion Blower & 2 female clips - GA ExBlw & PP7902 9 petal blade & unihub with white high temp Gasket

Our famous "Low Drafter Kit"
Napoleon High quality quieter open frame Exhaust/Combustion Blower with universal mounting hub and white white high temp gasket as a replacement for all pellet stove exhaust blowers with 6" mounting hub with Large 9 petal 4.5" impeller blade. This works well for the Napoleon Insert models
Motor is 3,000 RPMs and 1.75 Amps for easier startup and longer life

It has a higher current so it works more consistently at lower speeds. It works better at lower heat levels and lasts longer and burns pellets more completely.

Also comes with Large 9 petal 4.5" impeller blade works best for Free Standing stove due to the large ash pan that creates a greater volume of air in the fire box.
Fits the following Napoleon and Timberwolf pellet stove models:
  • NPS40

  • Napoleon part # W062-0027
    Old Napoelon part # W062-0022


    AMP-COMBPLATE BM2524-A1756T-1371 PP5200 PP7902