Pacific Energy Classic A- Daughter Board ONLY-PS45.7410- 80000286- SPECIAL ORDER

This daughter board is not available please order this new replacement daughter board for all Pacific Energy Pellet Stoves.

Click here to order PS45 Warmland & True North Daughter Board for All Models

Control/ Daughter Board for Pacific Energy Classic A pellet stoves. Part # PE PS45.7410 as shown in the Owner's Manual. New part # 80000286. Goes under the control panel buttons on the top of the stove. It says True North on the package, but this is the official replacement for Pacific Energy Classic A. This listing is for the Daughter Board ONLY, not the keypad cover. If you need that, you must order the membrane separately. Here's a link to the membrane:

Pacific Energy Classic A Membrane

This is a SPECIAL ORDER part. Lead time is roughly 4 weeks. Please contact us for details.