Pacific Energy Warmland PS45 6 in Exhaust/Combustion Blower- 2 male clips - GA ExBlw & PP7902 & UniHub & Gasket

Our famous "Low Drafter Kit"
High quality quieter open frame Combustion/Exhaust blower for Pacific Energy PS45 Warmland and Warmland Classic pellet stoves. Replaces part # 5024.503. Comes with white gasket and 12 petal 4.75" impeller blade. Universal mounting hub (mounting plate). Note: For some stove models you may need to swap out the mounting plate/hub and use the one that came with the original blower in your stove. Non OEM. 
Motor is 3,000 RPMs and 1.75 Amps for easier start up and longer life. If the original blower makes a whining noise, this blower will fix the problem.

It has a higher current so it works more consistently at lower speeds. It works better at lower heat levels and lasts longer and burns pellets more completely.


AMP-COMBPLATE BM2524-A1756T-1371 PP5200 PP7902