Kozy Woodland or Olivia POF - Low Limit Snap Disc F-110 - 3/4 in diameter air stream mount auto reset Close on Rise

SE-F110 Snap Disc for Kozy Woodland WLD-P &  pellet stoves. Part # 404-4 PROOF OF FIRE SWITCH (P.O.F.) - 3/4" diameter air stream mount close on rise auto reset used as Proof of Fire or Low Limit snap disc Kozy pellet stoves.

F110 0r F-110 Snap disc Proof of Fire or thermo disk.

 These switches are used to shut off room blowers only when the stove has completely cooled so all the warm air leaves the stove. It also keeps the auger going when the stove has warmed up (proof of fire). If there is no proof of fire the stove shuts down for safety.

Thermostat 110 Deg Auto Reset For Model WLD-P & Olivia
• Turn off unit and unplug.
• Open side panels.
• Locate snap disc see picture to identify location of thermostat.
• Remove wire leads to thermostat
• Remove fasteners holding the thermostat in place using a ¼” socket and save the #8 tek screws.
• Attached replacement thermostat disc using the saved #8 tek screws.
• Connect the wire leads to the thermostat note polarity for wire does not match.
• Close side panels.
• Plug unit into wall outlet.
• Restart unit.