Regency Convection/ Room Blower Wood/ Gas- Replaces 910-157/P- PP7340

Convection/ Blower for Regency wood and gas stoves. Replaces part # 910-157/P. Part # PP7340.  Aftermarket part. With crimpable wire spade terminals. .90 AMP. Be sure to check the blower in your stove and the number in your stove manual. There are two different convection/room blowers for Regency Gas stoves.

Regency Wood -


  • CS1200, CS2400, CI1250; CI2601
  • F1100S, F2100M, F2400M, F3100L, F3500B, F5100B
  • H2000M, H2100M,
  • I1100S, I1200S, I2100M, I2400M, I3100L
  • R12
  • S2100M, S3100L
  • Z2510, Z2500RO

Regency Gas -

  • E18E, E21, E21-1, E21-2, E21-3, E21-10, E33, E33-1, E33-10, E33S-1
  • HZ33CE, HZ33CE-10,
  • P33R, P33R-1, P33R-2, P33-3, P33-4, P33-5, P33-10, P33E-4, P33E-5, P33E-10, P33CE, P33CE-10, P33R-1, P33R-2, P33S-4, P33SE-4, P36, P36-1, P36-2, P36-3, P36-4, P36-10, P36E-4, P36E-10, P36D, P36D-1, P36D-10, P48, P48-1, P48-2
  • U20, U20-1, U27, U27-1, U27-2, U28, U28-1, U28-2, U29, U29-1, U29-2, U30, U31, U31-1, U31-2, U32, U32-2, U35, U35-1, U37, U37-1, U38, U38-1, U38-10, U38B-10, U38N-10, U39, U39-1, U39-10, U39B-10, U39N-10